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slowpoke.jpg i know :( but better late than never, right??

Request by ms_poptart~ ♥

start to finish
program Photoshop. Uses Selective Color and Channel Mixer, so not translatable.

✎ abbreviations/terms
AL ➝ adjustment layer
CM ➝ channel mixer
BC ➝ brightness/contrast
SC ➝ selective color
HS ➝ hue/saturation
for example, SC/AL will mean Selective Color Adjustment Layer.

Here's the image for this icon :] I highly, highly suggest choosing an image with very light tones, and preferably featuring more than one colour (this one has purples, reds and yellows as you can see); hence, Arina Tanemura art is always a perfect fit for this colouring. Notice the double image: I did this by duplicating the layer, rotating the second one 180 degrees, moving it over to the blank space and erasing the excess with a soft brush so both faces show through.

I tend to start out icons these days with these CM/AL settings by spaceship, they're just so versatile 8D HOWEVER! You're only going to put this on the duplicate the stands out less. In my case, it was the top layer so I used a clipping mask (right/ctrl click your layer > Create Clipping Mask) to set the adjustment to only affect that one. (If you're not using a duplicate, than you can choose whether to use this layer or not depending on your image)

Red: 85, -10, 10, 0
Green: -15, 50, 55, 0
Blue: -50, 75, 60, 0

Much better than if it was on both, right? It shows you where your priorities are when you look at the icon, so to speak xD Let's lighten it up a bit now. Select your whole canvas (ctrl/command-A) and go to Edit > Copy Merged. Next, paste it down on Screen, 40%.

OKAY now you want to put #f4b8d3 on Soft Light, 100% to lighten some more.

Another colour layer, yeah I know :( #7edaf4 on Color Burn, 30% plz

I know this isn't very exciting yet but lol that was the prep. Now we can focus on making it shiny! Make a HS/AL and move Saturation to 19 to bring out some of that lovely colour.

Okay, now time for some awesome SC/ALs >:D heeheehee I love this part. These settings which I think are by unasuvas should do the trick, if you duplicate the adjustment layer once! This is where the colouring gets crazy for darker images btw.

Reds: -60, 0, +70, 0
Yellows: -100, +40, -60, 0
Blues: 0, -60, -60, +100
Neutrals: 0, 0, 0, +15

eeeehhh it needs a little something extra to make it pop, wouldn't you say? Have a grainy texture by Absolute Trouble on Multiply, 50% first.

And now for a Soft Light, 40% duplicate of the base! I know it's hardly noticeable now, but it makes a difference later \o/ You can up the percentage if your image is darker.

and another SC/AL ftw, by emptyyourlife:

Reds: -100, 0, 100, 43
Yellows: 38, -29, 100, 57
Cyans: 100, -89, -100, 100
Neutrals: -4, 0, 15, 3

Muuuch better, I'm starting to like this a lot! Next, let's darken it a tad with this texture by Absolute Trouble again on Exclusion, 100% and INVERSED (that's important lol. ctrl/command-I to do this)

oops I put two steps in this image lkadsfhjl. Now I'm going to give you a couple light textures by dustypaper and let you decide where to put them, as long as they're on Lighten, 100%. You may need to blur them a little if the edges show up too much, I think I did for the second.

Almost there!! I felt the top of the icon needed a little something extra, so I put this by samuraiblues on the top, a little smaller and rotated. Depending on your image, you may need to inverse the colour and make it white (again, ctrl/command-I).

The icon is still a little too soft on the colour side, so let's bring it out some more! TWO BC/ALs, each with Brightness on -18 and Contrast on 75 (yes i know), will be juuust fine :3 Done!

✖ other examples
OH and

try it out! then friend us?
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