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Now that the school year has calmed down, I can get back to making tutorials like a fiend |D lmao, remember those times when I actually followed through with my requests after a reasonable delay? Good times! xD right I have like seven tutorials on the ol' backlog so I'd better get going huh

50th tutorial haaaaaaay! And 500 watchers here, whoa! Thanks guys ♥

Request by feral_phoenix eons ago oops ♥

start to finish
program Photoshop. Uses Selective Color, Color Balance and Channel Mixer, so not translatable.

✎ abbreviations/terms
AL ➝ adjustment layer
SC ➝ selective color
BC ➝ brightness/contrast
CB ➝ color balance
CM ➝ channel mixer
for example, SC/AL will mean Selective Color Adjustment Layer.

Just a word of warning: this tutorial follows this one very closely, the digressions lie in textures and a couple extra adjustments. This is one of those icons that has to get worse before it gets better lol, so just sit back and enjoy the ride~

ah, Higurashi art like this is so pretty :> so let's crop Rena!

Okay, have a Soft Light, 100% duplicate, and desaturate it (Image > Adjustments > Desaturate). You'll see why we need it later, oh, you'll see :|

Now make a layer of pure white (ffffff) on Soft Light, 100%, idk why this works, but it lightens up all those icky-looking dark areas on the picture~

Same settings for the CB/AL as before~
Midtones: -29, 0, 26
Highlights: 9, 0, 0

and the same, very random SC/AL too! I hope you saved it before, all those numbers xD

Greens: 0, 0, -100, 100
Cyans: 15, 20, -100, 10
Blues: 0, 0, -60, 100
Neutrals: -10, 0, 0, -15
Blacks: 26, 5, 0, 45

The way this icon is going, we'll need something to balance the amount of white. Make a fill of a very dark red (181818) on Exclusion, 100% for a slightly blue tint :>

okay I know what you're thinking, "this is a pretty normal icon so far" but WAIT you're about to be proved wrong. This is where we take a hilariously weird direction, starting with those amazing SC/AL settings by hl_upics!

Reds: -52, 0, 0, 26
Yellows: -57, -7, 0, 34
Cyans: 48, -44, 0, -27
Whites: 100, 0, -63, 21
Neutrals: 20, 0, 24, 9
Blacks: -1, 0, 0, 32

Alright, getting there, but I know! Let's make the icon darker with a warmer tone! CM/AL settings by spaceship will do the trick:

Red: 85, -10, 10, 0
Green: -15, 50, 55, 0
Blue: -50, 75, 60, 0

and lighten it right back up again with the SC/AL settings in step 2 here by mutebox:

hahaha ew what is going on here. This is where we start to noticeably move away from the Soul Eater tutorial. I'm going to throw a bunch of textures at you and you'll just take them and move/blur/erase as you wish, 'kay? ARTISTIC JUDGEMENT YAY

this and this by fedor_morkvo on Multiply
this by cielo_icons on Lighten
this by me on Screen
this and this by xswaniconsx on Screen
this by lifeisdolce on Screen

and this is what I came up with after all that mumbo-jumbo saldkhs.


I know it looks terrible, but there's a surprisingly easy fix! A Soft Light, 100% duplicate!!! Rejoice across the valley, for your retinas are saved~

Once I was done this icon, I came back and shoved in an extra SC/AL here because it needed an extra pop re: the reds and blues. Guess whose settings are perfect for that? SEI'S in step 3! 8D Granted, I had to take it out for the examples below because it made them go crazy, but it worked here.

This step is another remnant from the SE icon: a bright red (ec1713) on Color, 20%. idk, it just makes the reds pop ever so slightly more without being obnoxious.

To finish, let's add not one, not two, but THREE BC/ALs, going something like this (from bottom to top):

-11, 79
-6, 27
-3, 41

I know it's weird, but somehow that all works and gives us our finished icon |D (note you may have to take one off if your icon gets too sharp)

✖ other examples

try it out! then friend us?
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